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FunkNaughty DJ Workshop at South West Four Festival 2012


This coming weekend sees FunkNaughty run their DJ workshop for the second year running at this years South West Four Festival.

After last year’s success South West Four have invited the FunNaughty team back to Clapham Common to host their DJ workshops, spreading the word on DJing and digital DJ technology.

FunkNaughty are joined by demo specialists from Native Instruments, who’ll be on hand to show you how to use the latest Traktor equipment and software.

We’ll have some of the latest DJ gear on show from the likes of Native Instruments, Vestax and Ableton so be sure to drop by, check it out, and have a spin on the decks!

As well as providing DJ advice to would be DJs we have a load of merchandise and gear to hand out.

So don’t miss out, drop by and say hello.

Check out last year’s video: Point Blank giving Ableton Live and Novation Launchpad demos @ SW4 Festival from Point Blank on Vimeo.


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Kontrol F1 and Traktor 2.5 Announced By Native Instruments

Article courtesy of DJ Tech Tools

Native Instruments had a party last night to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Traktor, and there they unveiled their powerful new version of Traktor as well as the new piece of hardware we’ve been waiting to learn more about, the Traktor Kontrol F1. Read more about NI CEO Daniel Haver’s semi-official announcement last night!

NI CEO Daniel Haver with a Kontrol F1 and new Traktor 2.5

NI CEO Daniel Haver in front of Traktor Pro 2.5, holding a Kontrol F1

Editor’s Note: Looks like the video of the official announcement got taken down from YouTube, but you can get the idea from the screencap above.

We’ll have complete details on both the Kontrol F1 and Traktor 2.5 later this week, but for now we’re excited to see that Traktor is taking things to the next level with Ableton-style clip launching and performance modes that will continue to drive innovation in the DJ software world. In the video that was taken down, Daniel Haver refers to the new Traktor F1 and Traktor 2.5 Remix Decks as a package and feature set that he calls “Ableton-in-a-DJ-way”. Here’s his words from Saturday night:

So those of you that like Ableton but actually didn’t feel that it’s quite a DJ product, (…) this is it. We take the whole production clipping aspect right into a DJ application, and these pads light up in just the same color as the cells in the Remix Decks.

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MIDI Controllers

If you’re in to digital DJing, then you’ll know there’s a whole raft of MIDI controllers out there to choose from. As we’ve said before at, get out there and try as many controllers as you can, before committing to one, if you’re heading to BPM at the NEC this weekend, then it’s a great opportunity to get some hands on experience before shelling out your money and you can see us there!

Whilst all of the controllers on the market have the same main purpose, they all get there in different ways. Build quality, ease of use and cost will all differ.

The purpose of the article below is to highlight some of the slimmed down or “little brother” versions of recently released larger and more expensive controllers.


First up is the Akai APC 20, a smaller version of the APC40, which you should be able to pick up for £149. The controller has been out for a while but it’s still worth considering if you’re DJing with Ableton, as it’s a lot smaller and more portable than the APC40 but doesn’t have the full set of knobs and controls, as expected with the reduced price. However, it still has the same build quality and if you’re looking for a large trigger based controller, then you could do a lot worse.

Native Instruments S2

Next up is the Native Instruments Traktor S2 controller, currently selling for around £499, approximately £300 cheaper than the S4, the main difference being that the S2 has 2, rather then 4 channels.

The S2 is a complete DJ MIDI controller, with built-in soundcard, specifically designed for use with Traktor, although it can be used with other DJing software. The reduction in size over the S4 but with the same build quality makes it an ideal choice for all Traktor DJ’s who regularly play out.

All the usual EQ and Effects buttons are there, as well as the ability to play four decks and add in samples/loops.

Numark NS6

The Numark NS6 is another complete DJ controller but this time it’s specifically designed to work with Serato Itch. It’s the newer, smaller version of the NS7 and is currently selling for just over £600. There’s a lot of quality and improvements built in to the NS6, which were lacking from the NS7. The one main difference between the two is the lack of motorised platters.

Tenori Orange

Here’s something a bit different that might be worth considering.

The original Tenori-On was about £500, the new Tenori-On Orange will cost you just over £200 and still has the same 16X16 LED matrix grid.

The idea behind the Tenori-On is that it’s a new digital musical instrument for the 21st century, by using the grid of 16×16 switches allows you to play music intuitively, whilst visually seeing what you’re creating.

There are plenty other great controllers out there by the likes of Vestax, Allen & Heath, Ecler and Stanton.

Just remember that regardless of which controller you decide on, make sure you try before you buy!

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Native Instruments Launch the Maschine Mikro & iMaschine


Native Instruments have announced the
MASCHINE MIKRO, the little brother of Maschine, the
popular groove production system.

N.I. have combined the full features  of the Maschine with a new slick streamlined controller. Providing users with a pro entry level groove production controller at a reduced price.

MASCHINE MIKRO is a highly portable controller that provides
hands-on control of the central MASCHINE features at two-thirds of the
size and weight of the full-sized hardware, whilst retaining the
distinctive full-sized 4×4 matrix of pressure-sensitive, dynamically
backlit MASCHINE drum pads with their acclaimed response and feel.

MASCHINE MIKRO includes the full-featured MASCHINE software with its
versatile pattern-based live and step sequencing, real-time audio recording, sample editing and advanced

The MIKRO version comes packed with a 6 GB MASCHINE
sound library.

The MASCHINE MIKRO will be available to buy in October, and will set you back
$399 / 349 EUR of your hard earned cash.

And if that wasn’t enough to tantaslise your drum pads, N.I. have announced the release of  iMASCHINE, on the iPhone and iPad. An iOS software that
brings intuitive groove creation whilst you’re on the move.

The software comes with four tracks, audio sampling, high-quality effects and an
arsenal of professional instruments and drum sounds from the regular
MASCHINE library, which you can also ad to.

iMASCHINE is fully intergrated with the Maschine software, so  users can sketch grooves on the go,
and later transfer them into the full MASCHINE software for detailed
editing and arrangement.

You can get your hands on iMaschine from the Apple store this October.

Check out this video of finger drumming phenomenon Jeremy Ellis performing on the
MASCHINE MIKRO. (All we can say is, If you can move your fingers this fast then the ladies must truly love you!)

If you liked this article then check out:
N.I. Traktor it’s all about the S2

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SW4: A Big Thank You!

A HUGE thank you goes out to SW4, PointBlank and everyone who made it down to our tent.

We had a great time meeting everyone, doing our tutorials, finding out what you’re up to in digital DJing and Music Production and banging out some tunes.

We hope you all had a great time too, look forward to seeing everyone next year!

Check out the photos from the weekend on the FunkNaughty Facebook Fan page.

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NI Maschine: Update Coming Soon

Native Instruments have recently announced an update to the highly useable Maschine.

If you’ve read the FunkNaughty Carl Cox interview, then you’ll know this is his Midi controller of choice and a serious piece of kit.  If you’ve not read it, you’ll need to join, then you can read the interview here

Version 1.7 will be available as a FREE update on the 1st September and promises even easier integration with the world of KOMPLETE.

According to the Native Instruments website the update will allow browsing and loading of the plug-in presets of all KOMPLETE 8 Instruments and Effects from within the MASCHINE hardware browser – without ever having to touch your mouse or keyboard, this sounds great to us!

To read more about the update, click here.

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Traktor 2.0.3 Update now Available

Those lovely people at Native Instruments have just released a free update for Traktor 2, which addresses issues with the Kontrol X1 and other MIDI controllers and includes few performance/workflow enhancements.

If you’re using Traktor, then you need to be updating your version now, which you can do by clicking here.


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Video: What Is Harmonic Mixing?

A nice little video from DJ Endo at Dubspot.

camelot wheel

DJ Endo introduces the software ‘Mixed in Key‘ and how you can use the program to assist you in harmonic mixing.

Endo goes on to gives some insider tips that will help people who already understand the basics of Mixed in Key and harmonic mixing. Such as using Native Instruments FM8 Synthesizer to check Mixed In Key has correctly calculated the right key for the processed track.

Endo also gives an insight into his 4 deck mixing and how using Traktor’s key lock function can allow him to play multiple tracks with varying BPMs but keeping a smooth harmonic mix.


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