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Video: How To Synchronize Traktor and Maschine

Video courtesy of Native Instruments

How to synchronize traktor with maschine

A handy video showing you how to connect Traktor to Maschine. The video shows you around the ‘controller manager’ and ‘midi clock’ areas in the ‘Preferences’ box. Watching this video will help you to develop your understanding of how to set up and connect other systems and equipment with Traktor, not just Maschine.

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Video – The DJ Mothership: Traktor 2 & NI’s Controllers – X1, S4, Maschine

dj Endo, dubspot instructor, dj mothership set up

Now is this death by Native Instruments or the best digital DJ set-up in the world? Either way this DJ set-up is going to cost you an arm and leg and probably your kidneys and liver as well!

DJ Endo from Dubstop takes us through ‘The Mothership’. A set up with N.I.’s Traktor 2, S4, two X1s, Maschine an Audio 8 soundcard and believe it or not the whole set-up is powererd by a Windows laptop – Studio XPS w/Windows 7.

‘Shock, horror’ i hear you cry. Well, as you will be well aware the debate for which type of laptop digital DJs should go for has raged for many years now,  and everytime the Apple Mac Pro’s have ruled supreme. However with the Studio XPS entering the ring and with it being considerably cheaper at around £1000, Windows based digital DJs now have a new champion to sing about.

This video clearly shows the XPS can handle the load with all the equipment attached to it, which is no mean feet. So we salute the XPS for that, however the jury is still out for us at FN. Our past experiences with PC’s for digital djing have been not good. With over heating in hot clubs and poor latency being a major factor. Will the XPS be able to handle being on for a 3 hour set in a hot club, we’ll have to wait and see.

It’s nice to see Windows geting their act togther at last and hopefully by giving Apple a bit of competition we may see prices drop for Apple laptops, but then again pigs might fly!

If anyone has a Studio XPS laptop, get in contact with us as we (and the FN members) would love to here your views.

Enjoy the video…

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Native Instruments Maschine & Traktor Video & Competition

Following on from our recent interview with Carl Cox, which you can read here – Carl Cox Interview we thought we’d invest some time in researching the Maschine controller favoured by Carl.

Maschine is a MIDI controller developed by Native Instruments, so you know it comes with a good pedigree and is suitable to use with Traktor.  Now as we’ve said here at FunkNaughty before, you need to get out practising with a wide variety of controllers, before you go ahead and buy one but we were very impressed and can see how we’d use the controller when performing live.

Native instruments have prepared the following video on connecting Maschine & Traktor, which you can view Here and if you currently go to the Maschine FaceBook page and like it, then you stand a chance of winning one of these great controllers.

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Kicking off the first in a series of interviews with top DJ’s and producers, it’s the main man Carl Cox.

Carl Cox has been one of the DJ’s at the forefront of digital DJing, in the following interview, we find out how it got in to using Traktor, what MIDI controller is key to his DJ set and what he’s up to in 2011.

So as promised, it’s over to Carl………..

We understand your current djing software of choice is Traktor, how did you get in to using Traktor?

It was a natural progression, vinyl was getting harder to find.  New music is coming so fast and the CD era was upon us and before soon it was downloading. I found Traktor allows me to still be active and creative.

Traktor is a great piece of software, 4 decks, 20+ effects, what’s your favourite thing about the system?

Having my whole library with me.

The S4, how good a product does that look?  Have you had chance to use it yet?  What’s your verdict?

I have tried it, not sure if it’s for me, I like the feel of the CD players still and like to play external with Traktor.

Has your dj style changed now you’re using Traktor and if so how?

I’m still busy behind the decks, whatever they may be.  I still want to be active and need to be doing something whilst I’m djing up there, I can’t stand still……

What midi controller/s do you use?

Native Instruments MASCHINE.

What’s your DAW of choice?

I use Ableton and Pro Tools when I’m in the studio.

What projects are you currently working on?

I have just finished my 4th Artist Album, due to be released in the spring of 2011.

What’s your top tip for anyone getting in to digital djing?

Believe in yourself and don’t be complacent.

Once again extend there sincere gratitude to Carl Cox for answering our questions.

To keep up with everything that’s going on with Carl Cox, you can download his app, which we’re pleased to announce is currently free, just click here.

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