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Win A Set At We Love – Space Ibiza 2012

So then, you’re bang in to DJing and think it’s time the world heard your skills, well this could be the opportunity for you.

James Zabiela and Tid:Pro are looking for the next big DJ, who can scratch and bring something extra to the mix.

The competition is run in association with The Warehouse Project, Air Amsterdam and We Love and they’re offering you the chance to win a set at Space in Ibiza for We love in 2012! This is a hugh prize and everyone at wishes you the best of luck.

Click here for further details.

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Video: DJ Setup in About 10 minutes for Akai APC40 & Ableton Live

DJ Setup APC40 AND ableton Live

DJ setup with Akai APC40 & Ableton Live courtesy of Music Software Training

A nice little video showing how to set up your APC40 for DJing with Ableton Live. Learn how to midi map the APC40 with Ableton and set up a rack of effects.

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Video: How To Synchronize Traktor and Maschine

Video courtesy of Native Instruments

How to synchronize traktor with maschine

A handy video showing you how to connect Traktor to Maschine. The video shows you around the ‘controller manager’ and ‘midi clock’ areas in the ‘Preferences’ box. Watching this video will help you to develop your understanding of how to set up and connect other systems and equipment with Traktor, not just Maschine.

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Video – Behind The Decks @ Timewarp 2011 – Dubfire, Hawtin, Cox, Vath, Luciano, & More

vath timewarp

A nice collection of videos here courtesy of  Fra909 TV. Filmed from behind the decks at this year’s Timewarp festival in Germany.

The videos serve as a nice little insight into the sets ups of pro DJs like Dubfire, Luciano, Carl Cox and Ritchie Hawtin.

You’ll be able to see which software the pro’s are using as well as their preferred mixers, midi controllers and how they like to arrange everything in the dj booth.

Dubfire @ Timewarp 2011

Carl Cox @ Timewarp 2011

Ritchie Hawtin @Timewarp 2011

Luciano B2B with Carl Craig @ Timewarp 2011

Sven Vath @ Timewarp 2011 (The old boy is sticking to vinyl and cdjs, bless him!)

Marco Carola @ Timewarp 2011

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My Reasons for going Digital & Getting Started with your First Digital DJing Set-Up

Since having set up with Adam, I’m often asked how I got in to digital DJing, what a digital DJing set-up consists of and whether it’s better to DJ with vinyl or on a laptop.

I thought it was about time I tried to answer these questions, hence me writing an article called “my reasons for going digital & getting started with your first digital DJing set-up”.

I started DJing back in the early nineties and was fortunate enough to have an older brother with a set of Technic 1210’s to practise on.

I got my own set of Technic’s, the same ones I still have today, when I was 17 and there hasn’t been a time when I’ve not enjoyed DJing on them. 

 During the early/mid 2000’s most top DJ’s were changing over to CDJ’s, a trend I saw more and more of, when I was in Ibiza in 2005.  The simple decision for me would have been to move from vinyl decks to CDJ’s.  However, having looked in to CDJ’s in more detail, I quickly realised that Pioneers decks, the industry standard, weren’t cheap and in my opinion, there wasn’t a significant enough difference between vinyl and CD decks, to justify their price.  The only real benefit I could see was that you could take a lot more music in to a club with you.

This was something that really appealed to me but before moving away from vinyl decks, I thought about the type of DJ set-up I wanted and what I wanted it to do.  This helped me to concentrate my effort when researching all of the available DJ software and MIDI controllers.  It also prevented me from making an expensive mistake, by buying a piece of equipment that I didn’t actually need.

Firstly, I decided that I wanted to make my new set-up as portable as possible, that way I could DJ anywhere and also have my entire music library with me at all times.  

Secondly, I wanted the ability to play music from different genres; due to the high cost of vinyl this was something that previously hadn’t been possible. 

Thirdly, I wanted to bring a more live and unique feel to my sets by adding samples, loops and effects. 

And finally, I wanted to start producing music and I knew there were close links between some of the DJ and music production software.

I now have the following set-up:

15″ Mac Book Pro

Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1 Sound Card

M-Audio Oxygen keyboard

Akai APC 40

Allen & Heath Xone 1D

Vestax VC1 – 100

Tracktor Pro

Ableton Live 8

Reason 4

Mixed in Key

2 x Technic SL1210′s

Tannoy Active monitors


Building your DJ set-up


But enough about me, here’s what you’ll need to get your digital DJing set-up started but before you do, take a minute to decide what you want from your set-up, what you’ll be using it for and how you’ll be using it, then get researching on as many websites like and the forum’s of the software & hardware providers that you’re interest in.  Most of all enjoy it!

1)      Laptop or Vinyl/CD Decks

2)      DJing Software

3)      Midi Controller

4)      Audio Sound Card

5)      Headphones

6)      MP3’s

7)      External Hard Drive

To find out more about any of these items above, check out the articles and reviews in the membership area of


Digital DJing v Vinyl


I personally feel the debate between digital DJing and vinyl has largely been forgotten.  At the end of the day, Clubbers want to be entertained by someone who has a passion for what they’re doing and the music they’re playing, regardless of whether they’re using a laptop or vinyl decks.

The average clubber has become used to a DJ’s array of tricks, effects, loops and unique elements, within their sets, that it has now become the norm.  However, that doesn’t mean that one way is better than the other.  If you’re new to DJing, then the most important things you can do are firstly, find a set up that suits you best and secondly, enjoy what you’re doing whilst accepting & respecting that there are other equally credible ways to DJ. 

I personally like being part of something new and different; hence why I love digital DJing but I appreciate it’s not for everyone.  The best thing for me is stumbling across new effects or different ways to do things, such as linking Traktor and Ableton together. 

To find out how, check out the “Traktor & Ableton Together” article in our members’ section, if you’re not a member register with now.  If you have any questions, either leave a comment or email

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