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News: Carl Cox To Release New Album On A Pioneering New USB Format

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Carl Cox is to release his forthcoming album “All Roads Lead To The Dancefloor” on a pioneering USB format.

This is the first time an album has been released in this way. Buyers of the USB will initialy receive Cox’s new album. However over the next year buyers will be able to access more and more new material through the USB.

The USB will cost £20 and for that buyers will receive:

‘Phase 1′ – On August 1st, which will initially feature 12 new tracks, including tracks that will be on the final album, B sides and other exclusives.

‘Phase 2′ is to be released on September 26 – buyers of the USB will receive the second single, a dubstep mix of Nexus, complete with remixes and video. The complete album follows on October 17, with third single Chemistry, plus remixes and video coming on October 31.

‘Phase 3′ continues throughout the rest of the year and into 2012.

The USB will be updated with ongoing live footage of Cox and his band, on what will be the DJ’s first live tour. Expect lots of priority access to Cox’s video interviews, tour rehearsals, album remixes and mix sets recorded live from Space, Ibiza.

The USB interface works essentially as a website home page but most features will not require the USB to be connected to the web.

Buyers of the USB will be able to stream and download the album and will also have access to the entire Intec Digital catalogue for a year, as well as access to Cox’s last four Global radio shows, exclusive videos and Carl Cox news.

The interface will allow new content to be added to the USB sticks. The content will be added when the user plugs the stick into their computer; the stick will automatically connect to its CMS location and update.

With all the issues surrounding piracy and illegal downloading we reckon new pioneering ideas like this are great for the music industry. It makes total sense to pay an initial sum at the beginning of the year and then have access a large database of material which is updated throughout the year.

The big music companies should take notice, nice one Coxy!

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  1. September 1, 2011

    Got Carl’s USB! Great selling!

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