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Marco Nastic Interview


We catch up and interview Marko Nastic the head honcho of house and techno labels Recon Warriors and Traffica.

Marko discusses his DJ set up, his essential pieces of studio kit, what to do if you are getting into digital DJing and what to do if you are producing your own tunes plus much more!

What’s does your DJing set up consist of?

My performance components include records, cds , c – loops sampler and delay, boos digital delay dd-7 and Traktor Scratch Pro. Depending on the performance, I do make variations to my set up, including extra fx , like corki, which happens to be one of my favorites. Specially because of the noise it produces and as it is so easy to use.

How has digital technology changed your DJ sets?

The digital technology movement actually totally stopped me from buying records. I used to buy lots of records, experimenting with them a lot. However now because of the move across to digital music I only buy really good old classic records.
When recording my “Music is for a Body and Soul” radio show I don’t use vinyl anymore mainly using cd’s and Traktor.


Which midi controllers do you use and what do you like about them?

I love the Native Instruments X1 controller, but i also use a Faderfox controller a lot, where i actually have customized my own setup. So it’s now really easy to work with. It’s also a really good size for producer/dj traveling on the go 24/7

Do you have a piece of DJ kit that you can’t live without?


You’ve been producing and releasing tracks quite frequently over the past two years, how would you describe your sound at the moment and where do you see it heading in the future?

I am trying to find myself between techno and house, also in the same time not to be to trendy, trying to avoid fx and noises and to make simple stuff with big beats. I like to use old school beats with analog sounds.

I’ve actually just had two releases in recent weeks.

“Morocco” – Marko Nastic Drumpunch remix on Estrada Records. On this track i collaborated with one (in my eyes) of the new wave of upcoming producers – Igor Krsmanovic. The 2nd release “Meltin Point”. This is ia an original track of mine and is being released by Amazing Records on their 2years Amazing Compilation album.

Can you give any advice to any up and coming producers on how to get their music heard and signed to a successful label like Recon Warriors?

Recon warriors was really successful in the era of tribal techno and in that time it was a bit different to today’s scene because we printed a whole lot of records and we would send those records all over the world to promote the track, the artist and the label.
Now a days in my eyes with the digital music culture and how easy it is to make music, lots of people are setting up labels selling the dream to producers and artists; however aren’t putting any or very little time, work or money promoting the releases properly.
I would suggest in today’s market if you are getting music released on a label don’t just leave the promotion to them, get out and about with the tunes, network with other DJs give them a copy to play out. Put (un-downloadable) snippets of the track on Social media platforms like Souncloud.com and Facebook. Help promote the track yourself. If you do that, other bigger labels will take notice of you.
At present the direction of Recon Warrior and Traffica label, we are open and growth minded to new music but in same time its hard to listen to the multitude of demos we receive on a daily basis. Our main focus now is on our niche crew and network of upcoming and accomplished producers and their referrals of new producers or more or less a friend of ours :)


What are your key bits of studio kit and what is your most essential piece?

I have become totally digital lately! I have only kept a Fatso compressor. As of late, I was and am still testing lots of Summing mixers and to be honest i still have no clue on which one to make a collective action to buy. I always liked analog eq and distortions and mostly now use software plug-ins like Universal Audio’s UAD, Waves, TC Powercore, SSL, Duende and off course Native Instruments. I am very grateful to Native Instruments, the Serbian branch of the company as they have
been very supportive and a huge part of the Marko Nastic brand. I am very much in gratitude for the partnership in working with them and look to build on this relationship going forward!

When you are in the studio making a new tune what process do you follow?
Usually i start with laying down a beat and than start sampling sounds. Sometimes it can be the other way around. I now use a lot of machines to help me craft the different sounds.

What projects are you currently working on?
At this moment I’ve just finished in Ibiza, Spain and have been developing lots of different beats and ideas. I finished most of my latest projects in late June.
My new forthcoming project “Sake &Vinyl Only” on Traffica will be out, hopefully by the end of the year.

What’s your top tip for anyone getting in to digital DJing?

Craft your music folders slowly and concentrate! If u loose that focus on the style you are after it will end in a big mess like no other. Be very careful with the quantity of tracks and sounds you use in a set, make sure they suit the style you are after. An old habit of mine was that I used to find myself cramming in too many sounds into a mix and that actually resulted in me loosing the feeling that i was looking to create. That is why i like vinyl records so much! :-)

ricardo villalobos

Who is your favorite DJ at the moment?
Marko Milosavljevic, he is my long time buddy from Serbia. His unbelievable sense of music and ambient good touch especially with vocals. He is top notch! When we play together we just hook up easily and Rock like no other Tag team you can imagine! Also i need to mention Dejan Milicevic who in my eyes has some of the best technical DJing skills on this planet!
At this present moment having just been in Ibiza, I would say Ricardo Villalobos at Amnesia has been the best. Smashing the dance floors, making crowds jump off the balcony! His style is like no other and he is at the forefront in my eyes in moving the crowds when he performs!

Marko Nastic & Dejan Milicevic @ Dance Valley festival in Amsterdam Part 5
June 29,2011

Who are your favorite producers at the moment?

Koze, Den Anderi, Ricardo Villalobos

Do you have a pre DJ gig superstition?

I always, (after years of looking for the best solution) try to find the best way to spend my time creatively while in hotel’s, plane’s etc. I watch a lot of movies to relax and because of being able to take time out I can relax and find my focus and peace. Which helps me to be purpose driven and allows me to create and plan (like no other) a magical presence with the exact right music for the people on the dancefloor.

What do you like and dislike about DJing?

I really dislike it when i can’t provide what actually i do best. Playing at parties that have horrible sound systems, bad mixers etc is terrible. I can get super irritated and pissed when these things are not working as they should be. Note to all promoters, if you want to run a successful party you need to make sure your equipment is in good working order and allows the DJ to perform at the top of their game.

The best moment I love is when i can be at my best to show what i am made of, taking my fans on a musical journey.
I totally love the best tropical gigs. You can’t beat the atmosphere as they are always great fun; Ibiza, Brazil and Columbia. Hint to all!!!! :)

What is your top tip when making a mixset?

My advice would be to really recognize the mood of the dance floor or style you are trying to create for a mix set and then play what u feel feels right at that moment in time!

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