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Audio – John Digweed Live @ Twilo 4th Anniversary


A Classic mix from John Digweed recorded live at Twilo’s 4th Anniversary party all the way back in 2001. The night will be well remembered by the revelers as a fire broke out during Digweeds set, Diggers litterally set the place on fire!! Fortunately the fire wasn’t serious and Digweed finished his set. This is an hour section taken from his mix that night.



Intro – Fire Alarm

01. 00:01:21 Ogenki Clinic – First Light [Easy Access]
02. 00:05:17 Sound 5 – The Hacienda Must Be ReBuilt (Tarrentella vs Redanka Remix) [RIP Rec]
03. 00:12:08 Way Out West – The Fall (Bedrock Mix) [Distinct'ive Records]
04. 00:20:49 Kamaya Painters – Wasteland (Chab’s ‘Tribute To Bedrock’ Remix)[Data]
05. 00:28:57 Hamel and Blackwatch – Discotek [Bedrock]
06. 00:34:56 Stripped Inc – GlitterBall [Coldtap]
07. 00:41:52 Mainframe – Mainframe [Fuju]
08. 00:48:51 Mad Dogs – Sudden Journey (Main Element Mix) [Silver Planet]
09. 00:54:50 Dilly – Paranoid Girl [MixMaster]

Kiss 100 FM Apr 07 2001 John Digweed Live at Twilo 4 Year Anniversary by Bedrock records

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