April 2013

NI: The App Controller

If anyone was going to develop a credible DJing app, then it was going to be Native Instruments.

TRAKTOR DJ is their DJ software app which allows you to create mixes, using the familiar Traktor sofware, on your ipad.

The days of laptop DJing could finally be over.  All they need to do is make it wireless so you can DJ, whilst raving with the crowd and everyone would be happy!

Check out more here.

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Vestax: Where it’s at

As you know, we here at FunkNaughty.com are big fans of Vestax and the quality products they offer.

You can click here to read our review of the VCI-400.

You may or may not be aware that Vestax have recently set up a website to sell their products directly to you in the UK,  click here to see what it’s all about, enjoy!

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Abelton 9: The Reviews

As mentioned a couple of months ago, Ableton have released version 9 of their incredibly impressive software, after a 4 year wait since their last update.

To find out if all the bug fixes have been addressed and the overall impression of the latest releas, check out a selection of quality reviews below.

Review 1 here

Review 2 here

Review 3 here

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