April 2012

The Pioneer CDJ 2000 Review – The Best of the Best, Is It Worth It’s Price?

Pioneer CDJ 2000 Review

It’s almost considered fact rather than opinion that the Pioneer CDJ-2000 is the best CDJ that money can buy, but it comes at a price, literally! Deemed ridiculous by some, the price tag is as famous as the unit itself, but is it worth it? Lets check it out.

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The CDJ 2000 offers you, the DJ, many unique features and new ways of manipulation previously unseen on any CDJ player.

From the second you remove the Pioneer CDJ 2000’s packaging it’s clear that Pioneer had only the very best DJ experience in mind when designing the system. It could even be said that with this new system Pioneer have revolutionised modern DJing. From creating the original CDJ, Pioneer has moved to drastically reduce the weight and size of set-ups as we know them. Whilst also understanding compatibility is the key to success in the digital DJ age, Pioneer have made the 2000s as versatile as they can be.

The CDJ 2000 allows you the option of playback from CD, USB, DVD, and SD Card. Giving you the choice over which file formats you want to play. From WAV CDs, MP3s, AIFF and AAC files.

Most impressively you’re entire library of different formats can be stored on a single USB storage device or SD memory card. Resulting in much less equipment for you to carry to any gig. No more broken shoulders carrying big bags or records, cds or equipment. You can just turn up with your USB key in your pocket and away you go.

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The Pioneer CDJ 2000 doesn’t stop there, as well as giving you control over multiple file formats you have the option to control the vast majority of different digital DJ software on the market; Including Ableton Live, Scratch Live and Traktor.

On top of that with the CDJ 2000’s state of the art in built 24bit/48khz sound card there’s even no reason for you to worry about the time consuming wiring and attaching of extra audio interfaces. Allowing you to concentrate on playing and pleasing the crowd from the off.

The groundbreaking Needle Search/Needle Drop Ribbon is one of the Pioneer CDJ-2000 unique features. Simply by swiping you’re finger along the touch sensitive bar you can skip through any track. Allowing you to set loops, hot cues and find sections of the track straight away. We reckon this is a great new feature for any DJ to utilise. Impressively saving you time whilst mixing and the more time you’ve got on you’re hands for mixing and being creative the better!

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Probably the most talked about and exciting feature of the Pioneer 2000 is the Rekordbox software package that allows you to categorise and store your music in a straightforward and stylish layout. You can then create, edit or save your Loops and Hot Cues to a USB device for use wherever or whenever you want to play. This is extremely useful when preparing for a set and can be used to great effect throughout the night. Allowing you to be extremely creative and technical, crafting your mix with on the fly edits.

The relatively massive 6.1 inch LCD colour display which you’ll find sitting alongside Pioneer’s trademark user interface makes Redkordbox easy to use and get around. Making searching for tracks quick and efficient.

For the digital DJ’s out there the CDJ-2000 is more than capable of performing as an audio interface and DJ controller. As mentioned above it’s compatible with the majority of DJ software such as Traktor, Serato and Ableton Live. Giving you even more potential to experiment with how you DJ. All CDJ-2000s comes packed with a 24bit/48khz 4 channel sound card and high efficiency audiophile-grade Wolfson D/A converter. Which to you and I, means this is by a distance the best playback ever produced by a CDJ. Producing club standard sounds that will please every listening ear.

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Using a LAN cable you can even connect multiple CDJ 2000 units. Syncing them together so you can play tracks from one source across all.


So it’s fair to say that the Pioneer CDJ-2000 is the big daddy of CDJs and digital DJ gear in general. For professional DJ’s and nightclubs you couldn’t ask for anything more.

So are they worth their price tag and do you buy yourself a pair? We guess it just comes down to how much money you have, are willing to spend and most importantly how committed you are?

At the end of the day the CDJ 2000 is worth it’s price tag. It’s a money-maker and if you’re doing serious gigs then they are definitely worth considering. The Pioneer CDJ 2000 really is unbelievable.

However for the rest of us, we just get to look and admire and hope one day we can own a pair. Have a watch for yourself and see the system in action and some of the extra features not covered here.

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