September 2011

MIDI Controllers

If you’re in to digital DJing, then you’ll know there’s a whole raft of MIDI controllers out there to choose from. As we’ve said before at, get out there and try as many controllers as you can, before committing to one, if you’re heading to BPM at the NEC this weekend, then it’s a great opportunity to get some hands on experience before shelling out your money and you can see us there!

Whilst all of the controllers on the market have the same main purpose, they all get there in different ways. Build quality, ease of use and cost will all differ.

The purpose of the article below is to highlight some of the slimmed down or “little brother” versions of recently released larger and more expensive controllers.


First up is the Akai APC 20, a smaller version of the APC40, which you should be able to pick up for £149. The controller has been out for a while but it’s still worth considering if you’re DJing with Ableton, as it’s a lot smaller and more portable than the APC40 but doesn’t have the full set of knobs and controls, as expected with the reduced price. However, it still has the same build quality and if you’re looking for a large trigger based controller, then you could do a lot worse.

Native Instruments S2

Next up is the Native Instruments Traktor S2 controller, currently selling for around £499, approximately £300 cheaper than the S4, the main difference being that the S2 has 2, rather then 4 channels.

The S2 is a complete DJ MIDI controller, with built-in soundcard, specifically designed for use with Traktor, although it can be used with other DJing software. The reduction in size over the S4 but with the same build quality makes it an ideal choice for all Traktor DJ’s who regularly play out.

All the usual EQ and Effects buttons are there, as well as the ability to play four decks and add in samples/loops.

Numark NS6

The Numark NS6 is another complete DJ controller but this time it’s specifically designed to work with Serato Itch. It’s the newer, smaller version of the NS7 and is currently selling for just over £600. There’s a lot of quality and improvements built in to the NS6, which were lacking from the NS7. The one main difference between the two is the lack of motorised platters.

Tenori Orange

Here’s something a bit different that might be worth considering.

The original Tenori-On was about £500, the new Tenori-On Orange will cost you just over £200 and still has the same 16X16 LED matrix grid.

The idea behind the Tenori-On is that it’s a new digital musical instrument for the 21st century, by using the grid of 16×16 switches allows you to play music intuitively, whilst visually seeing what you’re creating.

There are plenty other great controllers out there by the likes of Vestax, Allen & Heath, Ecler and Stanton.

Just remember that regardless of which controller you decide on, make sure you try before you buy!

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Reason 6 Release Date

As mentioned in a previous post, Reason 6 is due to be released soon.

I can now confirm that the release date is Friday 30th September 2011, so not long to wait.

What’s great about Reason 6 you might ask, well finally, Propellerheads have combined the audio qualities of Record in to Reason, that means you only need to buy piece of software rather than two. For more details and prices for Reason 6 and upgrade info, click here.

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Serato Scratch Live DJ Skills Tutorial – How to Crab Scratch

How to crab scratch

We line up a new DJ skills tutorial video courtesy of Point Blank.

You don’t have to be using Serato to learn this skill, this can be learnt by any DJ, and If you can add this to your arsenal of DJ skills you’ll be wowing crowds all over the place.

The crab scratch incorporates 2 or 3 fingers whilst using your thumb to open and close the cross fader.

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Marco Nastic In The Mix


01 Marko Nastic Music For A Body & Soul Episode 1

House and Techno inside the place! Traffica head honcho Marco Nastic drops some sublimes grooves in our latest DJ mix.
DJ and producer Marco Nastic (heralding from Serbia) is recognized worldwide for his production and performance. To Serbian’s Marco is renowned as one of the legendary music revolutionist to lead the youth in the uprising in Balkan Conflict in Serbia in the 90′s.
Through electronic music; Marko Nastic enabled millions to resist the dark forces of political atmosphere in Serbia. Through their belief in fighting through music for freedom and celebration of life with extreme free parties and raves known to this day as the urban legends that built Belgrade, Serbia.
In recent years Marco’s labels “Recon Warriors” , “Recon Light” and his long awaited new label “Traffica” have escalated him to the top of the charts on Beatport and many Global billboard charts in music throughout the world.

You can check out Marc Nastic and his music productions at these sites:

Listen To

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How To Produce D&B Neurofunk Basslines


Sounds2Sample serve up a nice new tutorial for you to get your teeth into. Using Native Instruments ‘Massive’ see how artists such as Noisia, Teebee and Spor make phat twisted D&B ‘neurofunk’ bass lines.

Shout out if you wanna ‘Reeeeewinnnnd’

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Carl Cox and the USB Album

As you’ll no doubt know, we here at FunkNaughty are a big fan of Carl Cox, so it’s only fair we give his new USB album a mention.

As far as we’re aware, Carl is the only artist to release an album on the USB format, which I personally think is a great idea, on the USB is a selection of tracks from his latest Album, then over the next few months’ updates will be released plus you’ll get all of the following:

- Full album (released over three phases) – stream & download
- Singles from the album plus remixes – stream & download
- Access to the entire Intec Digital catalogue
- Carl’s latest four Global radio shows
- Exclusive video interviews & Carl Cox news
- Behind the scenes video footage from Carl on tour, plus footage from Carls gigs.
- Access to LIVE (Realtime) video streams from Carl’s gigs.
- Exclusive sets recorded from Space Ibiza
- DJ tips & tricks with Carl, behind the scenes at sound check & more…

To me this is a genius piece of marketing and a great way to use a different type of media to get music out to the masses.

For more info click here.

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Serato Scratch Live DJ Skills – How To Flare Scratch

serato scratch live flare scratch

Learn how to ‘Flare’ scratch with our latest tutorial from the Serato Scratch Live series from Point Blank studios.

Being able to scratch can add a real dimension to your DJ mixes and really set you apart from your peers. This video will show you how to Flare scratch and this technique can be used by any DJ, not just Serato users.

Remember practice makes perfect, so check out the video and start practicing!

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Rooney, Phil Good & DJ Hijack 1995 – Old Skool In The House


Old Skool sounds coming right atcha! Old Skool mix from back in the day. Get those white gloves and whistles at the ready.

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