New Traktor Software Release Date Announced – April 1st

As you’ll know doubt be aware, and as we mentioned a coupe of months ago, Native Instruments have been working on a new version of Traktor Pro Demo Video & Traktor scratch Demo Video.  Well the wait is almost over, as they announced yesterday, 11th February 2011, that the new versions will be released on April 1st, for those of you who can’t wait that long, a demo version will be out soon.

To compliment the release of the new Traktor Software, Native Instruments have updated the Audio 2 sound card and are due to release two new ones, the Audio 6 & Audio 10.  Imagine them as a small, medium and large sound card, which one you choose is really dependent on the number of connections you need.

The key features of the new software are:

  • New easier to use waveform, highlighting kick and drum positions
  • New effects
  • New sample and loop section
  • Loop recorder
  • Customisable screen

As with any Native Instruments product you know it will have been well tested and will offer you more control over your music, meaning you can further enhance your DJ sets.  The interesting thing about the new software is that the emphasis is firmly on using the controller, loops and effect functions, rather than beat matching.  This should ultimately allow DJ’s to express themselves in ways not possible before and really push the boundaries of their performances, beat matching has been totally automated, the traditional skills of a DJ have truly been replaced, now is the time to step up and offer something new and unique and watch the crowd go wild!

We’ll keep you posted with how our testing goes……..stay tuned.