December 2010


Kicking off the first in a series of interviews with top DJ’s and producers, it’s the main man Carl Cox.

Carl Cox has been one of the DJ’s at the forefront of digital DJing, in the following interview, we find out how it got in to using Traktor, what MIDI controller is key to his DJ set and what he’s up to in 2011.

So as promised, it’s over to Carl………..

We understand your current djing software of choice is Traktor, how did you get in to using Traktor?

It was a natural progression, vinyl was getting harder to find.  New music is coming so fast and the CD era was upon us and before soon it was downloading. I found Traktor allows me to still be active and creative.

Traktor is a great piece of software, 4 decks, 20+ effects, what’s your favourite thing about the system?

Having my whole library with me.

The S4, how good a product does that look?  Have you had chance to use it yet?  What’s your verdict?

I have tried it, not sure if it’s for me, I like the feel of the CD players still and like to play external with Traktor.

Has your dj style changed now you’re using Traktor and if so how?

I’m still busy behind the decks, whatever they may be.  I still want to be active and need to be doing something whilst I’m djing up there, I can’t stand still……

What midi controller/s do you use?

Native Instruments MASCHINE.

What’s your DAW of choice?

I use Ableton and Pro Tools when I’m in the studio.

What projects are you currently working on?

I have just finished my 4th Artist Album, due to be released in the spring of 2011.

What’s your top tip for anyone getting in to digital djing?

Believe in yourself and don’t be complacent.

Once again extend there sincere gratitude to Carl Cox for answering our questions.

To keep up with everything that’s going on with Carl Cox, you can download his app, which we’re pleased to announce is currently free, just click here.

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Turnmills 2008 FunkNaughty Mix

Here at FunkNaughty we’ve been searching through our archives and thought we’d share with you a banging Electro/Tech mix from our very own Phil ‘FunkNaughty’ Robinson, which can be downloaded, here (FN 008).

The mix was from the last time FunkNaughty played at Turnmills, a couple of months before the club closed, smashing out the beats in the second room, with headliners the Hoxton Whores, enjoy!

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Free DJ Mixes are loving the Free DJ mixes currently on

There are plenty of DJ Mix websites out there but has mixes from all the biggest names at the biggest events, check it out!

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