October 2010

Ableton – Update and Free Instrument Pack Download


Ableton 8.2.1 is now available to download, which tweaks the recently released AMP effect, among other things.


Free Instrument Pack

The lovely people at Ableton have teamed up with their favourite sound designers to developed a collection of instruments custom-made for Ableton Live.  The free pack is 1.6. GB and includes everything from acoustic pianos and electronic drums to exotic instruments and cinematic soundscapes.


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Ableton – Music Production Videos

If you’re new to music production, then you’re going to need some help along the way.  We here at FunkNaughty.com use Ableton and are regularly on their forum, which is where I came across the page below, so before you rush out to join the latest on-line course, have a look at these videos to help get you started.


The video log is updated regularly so get bookmarking the page and watching the vids!

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Found this……..enjoy!

I found this whilst surfing the net the other day and thought I’d share, just goes to show Djing isn’t all hard work!

Now I know what you’re all thinking…………………..if only I could get between those cans!

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What’s your favourite classic house track?

FunkNaughty were recently Djing at an excellent Halloween party, where the music policy was mainly classic house, this got us to talking about our favourite classic house tune of all time, now this is all down to personal preference but for me it’s got to be………………Pete Heller’s Big Love.

Big Love – Original Mix – Demo

Add a comment and let us know what your favourite classic house anthem is.

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All 89 Roland Synths!!!

Do we have a treat in store for you.

The lovely people at MusicRadar.com have put together an excellent article on all of the 89 Roland Synths!  That’s everything from the 1973 to now and includes the mighty 303, 808 and 909, seriously enjoy!


Watch out for similar articles on the Korg and Moog range of synths, hopefully coming soon.

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50% Discount On Native Instruments Traktor Products

funknaughty digital dj Native Instrumnets Traktor 50% discount

Native Instruments have stepped up with a great offer leading up to Xmas. To celebrate their landslide victory at this years DJ Tech Awards. Native Instruments are offering a full 50% off the whole Traktor product range.

The offer is available until December 31st 2010. So a great little present for yourself or loved one and a great excuse to upgrade if you are using Traktor LE.

Traktor Pro will be available for 99 euros

Traktor Duo will be available for 49 euros

Traktor Scratch Duo will be available for 179 euros

Traktor Scratch Pro will be available for 299 euros

With Traktor’s Kontrol S4 out in November and these dicounts i wonder if this means there will be a new version of Traktor hitting the stores in the new year at some point? Hmmm i wonder??

You’ll be able to pick up these discounts from most retailers so contact your local DJ shop today or check the Native Instruments website where you can use their dealer locator.

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Ross Evana – October Mix

Top new mix from Ross Evana (a.k.a. Kos) If you like it techy and funky then definitely check this out. Enjoy! http://soundcloud.com/rossevana/rossevanaoctober2010mix

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Digital DJ Setups on Display At BPM 2010

Back in the day it was fairly easy to decided what type of DJ system to go for. You only had one real choice – decks and a mixer. The hardest part of acquiring your new decks and mixer (apart from saving up your hard earned cash) was choosing which make to go for. However even then there weren’t too many different brands to choose from, so choosing wasn’t to much of a struggle. Jump forward a number of years into the digital dj age and suddenly you don’t not know which way to look let alone choose. There are now so many systems it is really hard to work out which is best for you .

Every music technology company seems to be jumping on the band wagon with digital dj systems ranging from beginners to pros a like. The major problem is where do you start looking when it comes to choosing the system that is right for you? Do you go for system of laptop and midi player, a system of laptop, midi player and cdj/vinyl decks, a system of cdj’s, mixer and a mp3 stick, or do you choose one of the new midiplayer/mixer/do everything you can imagine including taking your dog for a walk hybrid systems etc. It really can be quite a daunting task working out where to start and what to buy.

In later posts we’ll be talking more specifically about different systems and what you can do to choose the best one for you, but in the mean time check out this video from our visit to the BPM conference. This video shows some of the different types of digital dj setups and software on display at the conference and gives you a good idea of what  systems and setups are available to you.

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